Coming to Believe

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Hello February; we’ve been missing you. The second month means a look at the second step.

“We came to believe that our Heavenly Father could and would restore us to sanity.”

“Came to believe” is an interesting phrase. Most people read step 2 and either say “Of course I do.” or “There’s no way I can go there!”, but is it really such a black and white thing? Came to believe is obviously discussing a process, not an on/off switch. While God is obviously capable of instantly removing your addiction, and seems to have done so for some sufferers of addiction, most of the time we struggle through the process.

Perhaps God knows your heart and lovingly understands that you need a little longer to learn the lessons He has for you. I’m not saying God caused your addiction – that’s on you, and the genetics your ancestors gave you. He will, however, use the opportunity for His purposes, and let you struggle your way back home. Read the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 (really, it’s ok to open a real Bible with real pages) and see the struggle that young man needed to be “alive again”.

Just because we struggle at times does not mean we are not worthy of God’s redemption. We live in these skin suits with well-developed false self, ego-driven attitudes and are surrounded by many others who are more or less in the same place. If you always tie a child’s shoe, she never learns to tie it herself. The learning is in the struggle for her and for you, too. Navy seals use the phrase “Embrace the suck!” to teach them that the situation is what it is, and you either move through it and grow, or lay down and die. 

We can apply that perspective to our struggle to free ourselves from the bondage of addiction. In fact, look at any situation you are struggling with and ask your Father to reveal the lesson He has for you. Ask for his strength to embrace it and walk through with confidence that He has your back. That fact will never change, but will you?

Will you finally “come to believe?”



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